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In the never-ending evolutionary industry of fashion, there’s a series of iconic weeks devoted to a vibrant tradition of celebration and admiration of fashion.

Across the globe, there are major fashion capitals ranging from New York, London, Milan, Paris, and more. These are not just mere dates on a calendar; they are a convergence of creativity and a kaleidoscope of designs that extends beyond fabrics, stitches, and embellishments.

During these exhilarating fashion-abundant weeks Houses, Brands, or designers come together for the same shared love and appreciation of fashion. These weeks, which are a global spectacle and phenomenon, set and represent the style agenda for the seasons to come. When it comes to Fashion Week, it’s more than just fashion, it’s a fully immersive experience.

But, what even is Fashion Week?

The term “Fashion week” was first used to describe these concentrated clusters of fashion shows that happen that happened during certain times of the year. Fashion Week as we know it has changed significantly since its founding in 1943 in New York. Fashion 'Week' is actually an entire month, which each city following the other.

Elanor Lambert, a fashion publicist, decided to cluster these shows to go with a certain time period, instead, she called these “Fashion Press Weeks” or “Press Weeks. Lambert started these events during World War 2 because she saw the public and a need for fashion. Paris had been the pioneer in the fashion world, setting the trends for countries everywhere. During the war, this halted Paris and businesses shut down because of the war and travel was minimal. American's couldn't get to french fashion anymore, it's designs couldn't be seen or bought. She hoped that with her press week, she could showcase on the fashions of the United States and have the potential to solidify America's status as a fashion capital.

By 1984, the Big Four burst into the limelight holding fashion weeks across the world twice a month in February and September. Normally, Spring/Summer (S/S) will typically happen in September and Fall/Winter (F/W) in February. This longstanding tradition that fashion weeks are held months in advance isn’t just some weird scheduling thing but instead, it makes sure that fashion houses and designers can preview their designers and set the tone for what's to come in the next seasons.

Fashion week is more than just a showcase, it allows buyers and the press to preview the designs to come. This gives an opportunity for journalists and the media to forecast and critique emerging trends. And for models, it's not just about strutting down the runway – it's an opportunity to get their names in the industry.

Lourdes Leon, Kali Uchis, Ice Spice

During these weeks, the fashion world comes together bringing leading designers, iconic brands, renowned houses, entertainment, A-list celebrities, runway-ready models, and the meticulous artistry of production – all seamlessly placed perfectly under one roof. This event is an immersive and transformative experience that transcends the ordinary efforts of fashion.

It’s more than just an ad in a magazine or an item on a website, it’s exploring the dynamics of artistry that fashion can bring. Attendees find themselves amid creativity, innovation, and glamour, providing the chance to mingle with industry professionals, visionary fashion designers, trend-setting models, and more. It's not merely a parade of clothes; it's a hub where the latest fashion and creativity can thrive.

Fashion ‘month’ this S/S season ran through the dates of September 7th- October 3rd.

New York Fashion Week, kicking off from September 7-13, featured iconic brands such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, BIG Motion (HBCU Alumni Designers), and Alice+Olivia. Notably, Ralph Lauren made a triumphant return to the runway, captivating the audience with new designs after their last show in 2019.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Michael Kors Spring 2023

London followed suit from September 15-19, 2023, showcasing designs from top brands like Burberry, Poster Girl, 16Arlington, JW Anderson, Molly Goddard, KNWLS, ROKSANDA & Simone, and Max Anthony Brown. The inclusion of designs from artists in the Vogue and GQ Designer Fashion Fund elevated the event, making London's Fashion Week rival even the coverage of major worldwide sporting events and news.

London Fashion Week S/S 2023

Burberry S/S 2023

Immediately following was Milan Fashion Week, spanning from September 19-25, 2023, featuring heavyweight brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Diesel, Prada, MM6 Maison Margiela, Emporio Armani, Moschino, Bottega Veneta, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, BluMarine, and Alberta Ferretti. Notably, Tom Ford's Creative Director, Peter Hawkings, debuted his first show in Milan, solidifying the city's reputation as a hub for renowned luxury designers.

Schiaparelli Spring 2023

Rick Owens Spring 2023

The next round of fashion weeks comes in February and lasts through March. You can keep up with the next round on Vouge Magazine as well as The Bureau of Fashion week, both showcase and highlight the event and cover what’s going on. Fashion week is amazing, it’s significance of extends far beyond just clothes. It is a collective celebration, a global rendezvous where creativity knows no bound, they are a testament to the power of artistic expression,

an invitation to dream, create, and innovate.

It's a reminder that within the dynamic folds of the fashion industry, there lies an open canvas for those with the courage to explore their unique vision. So, let this be more than a glimpse into a glamorous world. Make it an inspiration that asks yourself as the next luminary shaping the future of fashion.

Giorgio Armani S/S 2024

Could you be the next designer, model or even just grace your appearance at fashion week?

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