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Whether you're strolling to class or making a mad dash to avoid being late, comfortable walking shoes are an absolute necessity. At N Crowd, we understand the struggle of leaving those stylish but impractical shoes at home. Yet, the agony of navigating campus with footwear ill-suited for the distance is far worse. Of course, personal preferences vary - if you can conquer your 8am lecture in a pair of Doc Martens, by all means, go for it!


You never know when a button-down shirt may come in handy, making it a wise addition to your wardrobe. Whether it's for a class presentation, a networking event, or a crucial job interview, a button-down shirt can serve as a versatile piece, either as part of a formal suit or paired with slacks for a business-casual look. Avoid the stress of last-minute outfit hunting by having this essential item readily available in your closet.


“If I wear a coat then you can’t see my fit!” Sacrificing the chance to flaunt that trendy thrifted shirt is a minor trade-off for staying warm and comfortable. Save the fashion display for the classroom and prioritize bundling up when braving the harsh, unpredictable weather conditions that Michigan can throw your way."


The weather for the first few months of the semester can be very unpredictable. You might wake up on Monday morning to a scorching 89 degrees, not a cloud in sight, only to find that by the evening, it has dropped to a chilly 50 degrees with brisk winds and overcast skies. It's wise to keep a pair of shorts readily accessible for those days when the weather plays its unpredictable tricks. A mid-day costume change can be a lifesaver.


Your backpack is an investment. Although college life often involves budgeting your funds, cutting corners on a bag that accompanies you everywhere isn't the smartest choice. Your backpack accompanies you to lectures, onto buses, into your dorm, and perhaps even to parties if you're that type of person. It's versatile, like you. Expect to load it up with textbooks, writing tools, a laptop, your phone, water bottles, and whatever else you can imagine - or maybe just your trusty iPad. A spacious interior and durable exterior are key features to see you through the semester, regardless of rain, snow, or sunshine.


Hoodies are extremely versatile. They serve as both a foundational component of your attire and a practical accessory to tackle various weather situations. Hoodies offer the right balance, providing warmth when required and being lightweight enough to put in your backpack when not in use. If rain surprises you on the way to class, slipping on a hoodie is a breeze, and it's just as easy to take off once you're indoors. Unlike bulky coats, which can feel stifling in milder conditions, hoodies offer comfort and adaptability. What's even better is that hoodies are not only functional but can also make a stylish addition to your wardrobe.


What's lighter than jeans yet more substantial than leggings? The answer: sweatpants! Sometimes, the mental gymnastics of daily outfit selection can be exhausting. There may be days when every minute counts as you rush to class after oversleeping, or you simply yearn for relaxation. Sweatpants are the epitome of stress-free and comfortable attire. Gone are the stereotypes of dingy, gray, food-stained sweatpants from the dining hall; today's sweatpants encompass a diverse range of designs and pair seamlessly with almost anything in your wardrobe. They effortlessly transition from a laid-back, lazy day to an ensemble suitable for a lively daytime party, all depending on your styling choices.


As we mentioned before, Michigan weather is unpredictable and in the winter, it can be grueling. Snowfall can accumulate up to your knees sometimes. You definitely don't want your shoes to suffer a watery demise in all that mess. But it's not just about your kicks – your health is at stake too. Walking around all day with soggy socks isn't exactly a recipe for good health, not to mention how downright uncomfortable it is. Buying a pair of warm and sturdy boots before the first hint of bad weather is a good idea. It's the best way to get yourself geared up for the semester ahead. Trust us on this one.


From bucket hats to snap-backs, beanies, or even fitted hats, having a trusty hat on hand is like having a versatile style booster and a practical accessory all rolled into one. Having one can save the day in various situations. Having a bad hair day? Just pop on a hat. Caught in the rain unexpectedly? Hat to the rescue. Blazing sun bothering your eyes? It's hat o'clock!Hats will inevitably come to your rescue at some point during the year, and they also have the power to elevate your outfit game, adding that extra flair to your style.


Owning school merchandise is practically a rite of passage when you're part of a large university like Michigan State University. It's almost like a uniform for showing your school spirit. You wouldn't dream of attending a football game without proudly sporting your school's colors, or visiting your hometown without donning a pair of sweatpants decked out in university logos. How else would the friendly 7/11 clerk know you're representing the best university in the state? But it's not just about the games or hometown visits. Having university-related gear is a real asset for everything from parties to gatherings and simply hanging out with friends. It's the ultimate way to wear your school pride on your sleeve.

Preparing for the school year can be a stressful time but hopefully our list helped quench some of your fears. Our wish for everyone is to have a fantastic school year ahead. As you navigate through this journey, we hope you not only discover yourself but also discover your unique style along the way. Here's to an amazing year ahead!

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